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3 Reasons to Why People Hate Ads these Days

  1. Trust Issues

Usually, people don’t believe what brands say. This is the biggest challenge in the ad industry today. Consumers have never trusted the ads and brands and now it is grown manifold. This is why brands don’t gain attention as they used to in the old days. The trust needs to be earned and this can be done by being honest, transparent, and reliable.

  1. Ad fatigue

According to an Advertising agency in Hong Kong, An average person is exposed to 4000 to 10000 ads per day and the quantity is not the only issue, ads are now more intrusive, inescapable because of technology and data science. People are constantly around digital junk which triggers ad fatigue and banner blindness. Unwarranted ads, tags and cookies follow us everywhere, persuading us to buy things we don’t want. Hence, people are going for ad blockers and ad free platforms. Overloading of ads can impact long term brand building.

  1. Quality of the creative

Online ads are also responsible for the fall of creative output. The 60s to 80s era was the golden age of advertising. Small taglines were all you had to look at which was the truest power of creative advertising. Those ads were inclined to having big ideas, the ads of today get more and more vague.

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