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Check out List of Telecommunications Companies in Singapore

The government has launched a telecommunication policy that seeks to standardize the rules and functioning of all telecommunications companies serving in the public sector. With this, all telecommunications companies have been asked to devise their list of offerings or services that they offer in Singapore and submit it to the concerned departments for consideration. This list of telecommunications companies in singapore will now be used by the government as the basis for the formulation of its telecom policy that will eventually become a national policy. The primary objective of this policy is to standardize the rules and operating procedures of telephone companies serving in Singapore. It is also to standardize the rates that the companies have to charge for their services in the public sector.

This is the current status of the list of telecommunications companies in Singapore. With the inclusion of other telephone service providers, the company serving the largest segment of the population within Singapore will now serve several other segments. The list includes all of the local phone companies that provide local residential, business, and emergency services. Other services that come under the list of telecommunications companies in Singapore include international dialing services, access services, intercom services, and mobile phones. The government hopes that the standardization of these services, would open the door for more competition and enable consumers to avail themselves of cheaper services. The primary reason why the government launched this policy was to promote competition among the service providers so that the prices of these services can come down.

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