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Difference between a Microsoft version and edition

You need to know the difference that exists between a Microsoft edition and version before you even think about installing  Office 2019 professional plus.  From its inception, Microsoft Office has been an office suite that leads the market for student, home, and business.

There are over 1.5 billion users for Microsoft throughout the world, making Microsoft to the powerful force dominant when it comes to business suites. Features of Microsoft Office are a set of products flagship that are designed to make your work more professional and easier.  The flagship products include PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, Outlook and OneNote.

The applications are known to empower students, business users, and home users to be able to experience a boost when it comes to productivity as well as the ability of getting more done in a manner that is more efficient. Microsoft office is available for user on Mac and PC. There are various versions of the product depending on the needs that you have and it is not all versions which have the same capabilities and apps.

The difference

When learning about Microsoft office, you will come across words such as edition and version. Majority of people don’t seem to realize the two terms are different and thus use them interchangeably. They refer to two things which are completely different.

When talking about the version, it is all about the number of products such as Windows 10. It can as well refer to the build number of certain version that you could be running. Edition refer to Business and home or Professional. Editions get named differently since they include features and products which are different aimed at certain audience.

The edition of Microsoft for Home and Student for example is aimed at students and casual users. Even teacher will tend to find this particular edition to be enough in majority of their uses. Another version which is Home and Business is known to offer a variation that is slightly different which makes the product to be useful for students and casual users but adds to its Outlook.

The whole idea is about offering an edition of the product which is aimed at home business users or small business owners. For larger corporations and business, there is the office professional plus 2019 and office professional 2019 for use.

The office professional plus refers to a Microsoft applications which are integrated for enterprise or business. The Office Professional Plus does include all the programs available in the Office standard, that is, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Excel, plus Publisher, Skype for Business and Access.

The Access is a database management system which helps businesses to be able to track and report information. The Skype for Business can be used for communication purposes to the client which works with the server of Skype for Business that allows users to be able to talk to each other through instant voice, messaging, or video or switch between two modes. They are not apps that you will get for the daily user and that is what makes them to be different versions.

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