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Easy Ways to Select The Best Website Template Design

With so many different web designs available, selection of right design for a website is an overwhelming task. Most of the e-commerce platforms and website builders provide a lot of designs to select from. To simplify this daunting process, we have come up with a set of criteria, at the time of making template design decision. This will assist you in sifting through the various website design options.

Selecting the right content width

Content width comes in two types to choose from. One is the full-width and other is boxed width. Full width of website content is suitable for contemporary and creative designs. On the other hand, boxed-width content region is appropriate for traditional and business-oriented designs.

In case of full-width, the background graphics stretch the complete width of the computer screen.  So, it provides a feeling that the website content does not contain any boundaries. Boxed-width, on the other hand, feels like the content is boxed in a fixed area. Metapress is one of the best online resources to learn how to build a website.

Select the right type of Home Page Header Layout

Header is the first and foremost thing that the visitors see, to form a good first impression. Choosing the right design of the header for the home page is a strategic decision as compared to a design decision. The layout of the home page header depends on the kind of business that you have.

The header section requires creating awareness along with a better understanding of the business. A meticulously designed website homepage header successfully communicates the key message to the visitors.

Select the right menu bar design

One of the highly undervalued aspects of the design of a website is the design of the menu bar. It includes the types of the menu bar, position, as well as its layout. It is the basic tool that the audience uses to navigate smoothly on the website.

The right menu bar design forms a road map that guides visitors all around the website and the place where they must focus their entire attention. The right menu bar is the one that fits well into the needs of your business. It does not just look important, but also impacts the way visitors see you as well as your brand.


Selection of the right design of your business website is very crucial. These are the three criteria that you must ask yourself to find the right website design for your business.

If you are lacking creativity for your next web design project, you can reach out to a New York web design company to help. They will research the type of layout that will best work with the client’s target audience based on their customer data.

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