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PDF TO Word Converters – How Safe Are They?

In this era of technology, there is almost nothing we cannot accomplish online. From creating documents, formatting them to changing their format, everything can be done online. Sometimes, it so happens that the document is in PDF format. But it requires some changes. One cannot make changes to a document in PDF format. So, it has to be converted to a word file.

Several websites convert PDF to word. These are called online converters. Many users worry about the data’s safety in their documents when they use PDF to word converter online. Here is an insight into the safety of data while using online converters.

How safe is online document conversion?

One can find tens of hundreds of websites if they search for pdf converter to word online. So, it is difficult to generalize whether all of them are safe or unsafe. Some of them could be a safer option than others. So, how does one choose the safer converters? Here are a few tricks to select the better ones.

  • Research the domain

There are plenty of services online where one can look up information about a domain. Crucial information, such as the registrar’s name, status, registration date, etc., can be found. Generally, it gives the user an idea of how legitimate the converter is.

  • Anonymity

Some online converters may ask for details such as email id or even require them to log in before they can upload and convert their documents. Instead of such services, it is better to go for websites that seek no user information whatsoever. Anonymity is a highly valued thing in the online world.

Some websites also claim that they delete the uploaded files once every few hours. Such websites are a safer option for file conversion.

Nobody can guarantee complete safety. Thus, the user must carry out the research work before the conversion. Generally, if the website is a known name, it is safe as long as it does not seek personal information. However, if the user feels that the document has highly sensitive information, they can go for other conversion methods.

What are the alternatives?

Online converters are the most popular method for file conversion. It is quick and easy. But if a user does not want to upload their documents on an online platform, there are other ways to get it done.

One option is to use services from highly reputed names – MD Office, Google Drive, and the like. Here, there is no risk of data being exposed on an online platform.

For offline means, one can check whether there are any built-in tools on their conversion device. If not, one may have to download third-party tools or software. Again, downloading/installing from unknown sources poses a risk to the computer.

Whether online or offline, one must stay away from lesser-known websites for file conversion. Using popular online pdf to word converters is safe and easy. Make sure to stay anonymous while uploading/downloading files.

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