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Questions that Data Analytics in Business can Answer.

Give yourself the best chance at solving your business’s problems by using the data analysis industry. Hire a specialist to fulfil your business’s research needs.

Data analytics allows the modern business to track things that are within their control. Good examples of this include the metrics involved in your online sales, how many visitors come to your website, and how many of those spend cash. It is one of the key tools we have in modern market research. Everything people interact with about a brand online can feed back into the brand website, making an effective marketing funnel – if you know how to use it correctly. Data analysts are the people which interpret this data and deliver it to clients and companies in an easy to understand way.

Why Businesses Need to Analyse Their Consumer Data?

The object of market research has always been that companies can build an accurate picture of their customer base. Ever since the days of market researchers in the cold streets with clipboards, consumer feedback has shaped the products businesses make for us and the way we use them.  Collecting this data from your own end, based on how users interact with your site, allows you insight into sales information that can help drive profits.

Consumer data is usually nothing nefarious. When collected this way, a data analyst can collect information relevant to the business without ever needing to know any private details about the shopper. For example, they can extrapolate yearly sales figures into a pie chart that predicts where sales will rise or fall at certain times of the year.

Types of Questions a Data Analyst Can Answer for Your Business

If you want to put your new data analyst to good use, you can have them monitor, collect, and review data sets which tell you what you need to know about efficiency, affordability, production levels, popular products, and more. Your analysis doesn’t just have to take place using information collected online, either. You might hire someone to stay in-company and install dashboards which allow you to monitor workloads from one single interface.

Questions you might want your analyst to find answers to might include:

  • Is my cybersecurity good enough?
  • What is my engagement rate on social media, how can we increase that?
  • What content on your site and social media accounts do people interact with most?
  • Where are we losing money or return or investment on advertising and marketing?
  • Can we source cheaper materials?
  • Are there ways we can lower postage and shipping costs?
  • Where are the areas we could increase production times?

Where to Hire Data Analysts in IE?

You can browse for candidates to fulfil your business’s Data Analyst Jobs online. If your Ireland-based business wants to get ahead the smart way, those numbers don’t lie. Collect the information, process the information, and use that information to answer questions that have been bothering you. The answers are always in the numbers. The business insights they provide can be ground-breaking.

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