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Reasons To Attend a Career Fair

Finding an entry-level job is always an uphill task regardless of one’s qualifications. While today’s digital world may have made it a little easier, college students who are about to graduate or those who have already still need to attend career fairs as it plays a very important role in helping them find their dream jobs. There are so many reasons to attend a career fair, and as you will see below, the difference between someone who has attended a career fair and one who has opted not to is quite significant and carries over even to the latter stages of their career.


Career fairs provide excellent opportunities for networking because you get to meet dozens or maybe even hundreds of people who already work in your chosen field. Other than that, you also meet people in a similar position as you are looking for opportunities. Don’t underestimate the importance of exchanging contacts with such people. To put it simply, career fairs offer an excellent opportunity to interact with potential employers, mentors, and peers. It is always important to bring as many business cards as possible because you will need them. Also, having a file of your resume either in soft copy form or physically is critical because you never know who might be interested in it.


Provides Amazing Interview Practice

Since you are likely to meet a good number of senior managers and recruiting staff during any particular career fair, you are going to get a lot of interview practice. This is your chance to see how they respond to some of the things you’ve achieved, as well as get insights into the kind of questions people get asked during an interview. You’ll get chances to practice answering spontaneous questions intelligibly and multiple opportunities to firm up your handshake, make eye contact and talk about yourself.


You Could Land A Job

It might be an outside chance, but it is possible to get a job or internship offer at a career fair. As mentioned, most of the people that attend career fairs are senior managers of companies, recruiting officers, and even business owners. Most of them attend the fairs with the purpose of looking for talent that they could add to their companies. When you interact with these people, and they are impressed by your general character, charisma, and accomplishments, then you could potentially land a job offer on the spot. It’s happened before and will certainly happen again.


Brush Up on Skills

Other than meeting new people and forming networks, career fairs are great learning opportunities. Most of them offer lectures, workshops, and seminars where you can learn how to land a job. Some of the things taught include how to write a resume as well as the key details that should be included, how to act during an interview, and even the kind of questions you need to be asking.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to attend career fairs, then the above four should be reason enough.

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