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The Intriguing World Of An App Developer

Today we live in a world where apps dominate every aspect of our life. We have an app for meeting people, for ordering food, we even have a site for dogs meeting other dogs. Apps dominate our life. That may be a bold statement, but it’s true. Everyone appreciates the apps, but no one talks about the people who make these apps. The life of an app developer is a very intriguing one. 


Becoming an app developer varies from person to person; there is no age limit in becoming an app developer. Anybody can become an app developer if he\she has the potential and dedication. Some people learn app development just for creating new apps for their benefit, while many tend to study to pursue it as a career. 

Why does anybody want to become an App Developer?

  • The reason to become an app developer varies from person to person. At the same time, the majority of people learn app development just for the fun of it. These people learn it as part-time hobbies or learn it as another skill set to advance in their respective careers.
  • Some people choose app development as a career option and indulge their lives in creating an app as a freelancer or either work in a tech company and work for their sake. Job as an App developer can be very relaxing as the hour are pretty much relaxed, and usually, these tech companies consider the health of their worker above the deadline.

App development as a career option 

Jobs in app development are one of the highest paying jobs in the world. The average salary of a US app developer is around 100,000 dollars per year. Even big orthodox companies are also opening their IT cells, creating a never-ending demand for app development and app developers. As the demand for smartphones will increase, so will be the demand for app developers. Even the richest person in the world, Jeff Bezos, started as an entrepreneur in the tech department. 

How can you become an app developer?

The field of app development is not an easy one. The field is very vast and ever-changing; what you learned a year ago may not even be valid a year later, so people in this field always need to hit the books(internet ) to keep up. This is also reflected in the academics. App development has a nonfixed syllabus, no one can say that he has all the knowledge in app development, and hence very few colleges offer a major in app development.

As there are many computer languages for app development, people need to choose what suits them and thoroughly study the language. In all the languages, Java is the one that is widely all around the world and has the highest number of app developers working in it.

So, in short, an app developer‘s life is very rewarding and interesting but hardworking too.

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