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What should you do to hide your real identity on onlyfans?

While the digital era is making thousands of digital products that could help people in various activities, the concept of social media has spread widely. However, one or two giants have come up in the space of social content sharing. But an original idea has made it possible for the same content to get shared in return for money. It is nothing but the idea of onlyfans. Let us assume that you are an artist who teaches people to paint and produce beautiful paintings in the video format. If you share your videos on Facebook or Instagram, you will get nothing materialistic but fame. However, if you do the same on the onlyfans platform, you will get paid by the viewers directly. Instead of getting paid for each video or photo you post, you can acquire some loyal subscribers who would pay you monthly a fixed amount that is decided by you. So, the concept has helped a lot of content creators out there from all the different niches available to gather their content to get money and fame at once under a single roof. As a result, thousands of creators have started using the platform to showcase and monetize their talent. You can also start your service right away with the easy steps. However, you might be hesitating to go public with your real identity with the talent you have. There could be any other reasons that hinder you to use your original identity for your only fans account. Let us discuss some of the ways to hide your original identity on the onlyfans platform and continue as a content creator.

Ways in which you can protect your original identity

Using stage names

It is the best option to use a pen name or a stage name for your account and deliver content under that name. So, your onlyfans community would know you by the stage name and not by the birth name. For instance, let us assume that your birth name is Vicky and you would have to go public as Jack. So, people would not identify you as Vicky unless you disclose it anywhere through your posts. You can take the artists and actors out there in the entertainment industry and several other industries who use the names created by themselves in the public arena. You can follow the same trick to hide your personality from the eyes of your fans.

Making your account private

You will have the option of going private on the platform and allowing only a few people to watch your activities and status.

Being careful with posts

It is not enough to use a stage name on the platform, you should manage to avoid the use of a single personal detail about you while posting content. You should avoid mentioning your live location. It would be a blunder to provide or show your contact information. Likewise, there would be several occasions where you should beware and avoid your personal information.

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