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Why are alkaline batteries better than other batteries

LR44 battery equivalent means that you will need to look out for an alkaline battery. The proliferation of handheld devices that require energy has increased the requirement for lighter batteries and rechargeable cells, and more energy. In most cases, it means lithium chemistry. But there is always a need for the use of alkaline batteries and cells.

Alkaline batteries and cells deliver and derive energy from the reaction they have between manganese dioxide and zinc metal. The batteries tend to have a zinc end that is a positive anode and a negative cathode, which is a manganese end. Also, the electrodes, these parts of the battery are where the chemical reaction occurs due to their interaction with the ions and the entire solution of the potassium hydroxide.

The following are some of the advantages of using alkaline cells and batteries:

High energy density

The alkaline batteries are packed with more energy than any other type. With an alkaline battery, it tends to have double energy as compared to a zinc-carbon battery. Thus, the alkaline battery and cells can be able to produce the same energy as other batteries and remain to last longer.

Environmental and personal safety

As compared to the acid-based and lead-based cells and batteries, the alkaline batteries’ compounds don’t tend to pose any health hazard.  At the worst, the compounds might cause mild irritations. Plus the alkaline batteries don’t have any requirements when disposing of them and have a less impact on the environment.

Battery life

Alkaline cells and batteries have great longevity and shelf life that is longer than batteries with an electrolyte of chloride. Unused alkaline batteries can last for quite a while, up to seven years, where they only lose about 5% of their energy every year. Consequently, they are a great energy source of power backup that can sit on the shelf for quite a while.

Minimum risk of leakage

The alkaline batteries and cells are known to be less susceptible to leakage whenever as compared to other battery types.

Low operations of temperature

Alkaline cells and batteries can operate at low temperatures compared to the other cells and battery types. It is what gives them an advantage in cold, harsh climates.

Serial use

Cells and batteries made from alkaline can easily be connected to a series to produce a high voltage of arrays. They can be arranged in various configurations to meet a diverse range of requirements.

Standard sizing

The chemistry with alkaline cells and batteries comes in various sizes, making it easier for engineers and product developers for the design incorporation. Alkaline cells and batteries are also comfortable obtaining for use as they revise, build, and test prototypes.

Ideal for potting

Potting refers to the process of having to fill an enclosure with a particular compound to increase the resistance of shock and come up with a barrier against corrosive materials and moisture. Alkaline cells and batteries are known to be great candidates for potting.

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