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Facts perhaps you didn’t know about employee experience platforms

To remain competitive and address altering demands from employees, candidates, and executive leadership, TA and HR leaders are required to act decisively for modernizing their systems and evolving their service delivery. Nonetheless, as people are aware, upgrading an HCM (Human Capital Management) system or ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is costlier and time-consuming. Your system functionality continues to work fine even though a poor user experience drives candidates away and also limits the productivity of employees.

Here, the employee experience platform does come into force. This helps people in getting more from their present systems without a costlier price tag or long implementation procedure of buying new systems or upgrading the older ones. The employee experience platform is acknowledged as a software platform that allows organizations to take full control of the feel, look, and interactions that people will have at the time of utilizing the systems. This platform updates the front-end of people’s present systems and applications without affecting the back-end functioning. So, it is similar to taking a house having good bones and renovating it for turning it more livable.

Things that an employee experience platform needs to do

  • Helpdesk – For adapting to the HR needs of your employees, you must make your helpdesk accessible to users 24×7. This will help them in getting answers to their questions. The search function must enable knowledge and access to data for providing users with highly relevant and contextual information.
  • Branding and personalization – For gaining the faith of your employees, you can enhance the platform of employee experience. It is also a vital component of a successful user experience. A branded platform doesn’t only become recognizable fast but also turns out to be more intuitive for employees.
  • Employee portals – Empowering a team via improved employee experience is significant and an organization that is capable of proposing frictionless self-serve portals would easily and naturally develop employee retainment and trust. A platform requires displaying them with relevant and personalized content and it can comprise resources, like knowledge, events, news, cases, and guides for internal processes and education.

The need for a platform for employee experience

The platform for employee experience occupies an exclusive space which turns it hugely valuable. This is an environment that stands in between the platforms that people use in their private lives and the common communication tools that people utilize at work. These tools allow employees to share digital social interactions without disrupting spaces that are confined for work-oriented jobs or bringing people into their social media. This is a field that works as digital extensions of company culture and here; employees do reach out and get connected to colleagues who hail from different organizations.

Despite the undeniable value and utility of a productivity platform, it fails to address the needed materials for people’s digital social environments. This is the reason people need an employee experience platform along with the tools. When you look forward to extracting the finest in your workforce then you must use both of them.

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