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Quick Things To Know Before Switching To Windows 10

Microsoft had its share of flak and criticism with Windows 8.1. With Windows 10, the brand as bounced back and how. Experts and users have hailed Windows 10 as one of the best versions of Windows in a while, and it comes with tons of features, including the new Start button and Cortana, but with a feel that’s very similar to Windows XP and Windows 7.  If you haven’t switched to Windows 10 as yet, there are some of the things worth knowing.

Editions and versions

Windows 10 has two basic editions and twelve versions, each intended for specific use. For regular users and noncommercial, Windows 10 Home should suffice, which does offer all the features, barring a few security-related ones, which are more geared towards businesses. Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro for workstations are designed for IT environment needs, with more features, better scope for collaboration, remote access, and security. If you want Windows 10 for your personal use, Home edition should suffice.

Installing and activating Windows 10

When launched, Microsoft offered a small window for users of Windows 7 and 8.1 to switch to Windows 10 for free, but since a while, the action is paid. You have to buy Windows product key to use the latest version of the OS. For installing Windows 10, you don’t need a key immediately, and it is possible to use the OS with limited functionalities. Note that Windows 10 activation is a onetime procedure, and if you are using a genuine key, you will get all future updates without any extra charges.

Buying key for Windows 10

There are many third-party vendors who offer keys for Windows, and you can get yours at a discount. The genuine vendors work directly with suppliers and buy in bulk, which is why then can pass the cost savings to customers. Once you make the payment, the Windows 10 key will be sent on email, and you can use it for activation through the Settings section. Note that the key is unique and cannot be used for two different computers at the same time.

Finally, enjoy Windows 10. It packs in the exact features that Windows users always expected, but has more to offer in terms of updates. You can always download Windows 10 from Microsoft’s website, as long as you have a stable connection. Check online now to find more details on using keys for activation.

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