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Top 3 Places to Play Laser Tag Singapore this (year)

Do you love to mingle and sit around a group of people? Are you the type of person who fancies to share and interact with different calibers of people? If this is you, then Laser tag Singapore might do you good when you learn and understand the know-how of this game.

Generally, Laser tag is a game that is characterized by shooting with the help of a gun and is majorly played with infrared beams. Also, it is a renowned game that involves a group of people or rather a team-building fun game that has guns as the main feature that defines this game.

In addition, in 1979, Laser Tag was founded following the release of the Star Trek toy. Players normally have fun playing laser Tag gun when they use the gun to run after their opponent and tag them until the opponent surrenders and get knocked out of the game.

Similarly, this game has no age limits. Anyone can have an ample opportunity to play the game. Usually, even children can have a great chance to participate in the Laser Tag game.

However, the question is, where else can you play this game. If this question is perturbing your mind, worry less. In this article, we’ve penned down some of the top places you can use to play Laser Tag Singapore.

To mention, these places include;

  1. Combat Skirmish Laser Tag
  2. The Fun Empire; backlight arena with a fluorescent glow
  3. Tag Team; battle robots and drones

Combat Skirmish Laser Tag

Combat skirmish laser Tag is one place that can do you good when it comes to laser Tag. Rather than moving around to certain places for a game, you can as well organize a game on your grounds.

Be it your working area, or your desired party venue, Combat Skirmish Laser Tag can help you profoundly.

The Fun Empire; backlight arena with a fluorescent glow

Fun empire accords team building an awesome experience. In addition, they can also host neon laser tag games.

Here, you might have a variety of game modes to choose from such as Capture the Flag.

 Tag Team; battle robots and drones

Tag team is normally a good place and is situated right in the part where you can select the classic version of the laser.

Here, rates start from $15 per individual for a twenty-minute session.

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